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Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin

What We Do

There is something for everyone at Cat’s Academy, but the emphasis is on building confidence and self-esteem in a safe and fun environment. We aim to foster confidence in our students and teach the skills and techniques to communicate clearly and encourage a life- long love of literature and creative expression. Drama is used as a medium to educate and explore potential and give young people a voice whether that is for dramatic performances debating or presentations.

At Cat’s Academy additionally we aim to foster a lifelong love of literature and the performing arts as both creators and spectators. Helping to equip our young people with skills to succeed in whatever area of life and work they choose.

Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin

Popular Courses

We run a number of classes which run throughout the year, after school and at weekends. In addtion, we offer bespoke one-on-one tuition for both children and adults looking for help with presentations and public speaking. Simply choose a day and a time that suits you best.

Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin


Public Speaking Tuition | Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin



“All of my children have gone to Cat’s Academy. A place where they can learn to be creative and express themselves. Catherine’s brought them through many levels of the speech and drama programme. Our older boys who are now in secondary school  are required to do a lot of class based assessments and presentations. I think that the speech and drama that Catherine taught them has helped them to develop excellent stage presence, delivery of subject, eye contact and public speaking. “

“Catherine is a really gifted speech and drama teacher. She has a wonderful way with children and Tuesday at 4pm, drama time, is the highlight of my son Oisín’s week. He just loves the classes. Catherine prepares students so well for grade exams and really celebrates their achievements. It is wonderful to know my son’s creativity is being nurtured by such a talented teacher.”

“Catherine has such passion for what she does and it really shines through. Our children really look forward to class every week and her love of the subject and the children is just great to see”

“I really like it. Because I like drama and I love my drama teacher. I love the role plays and improv – they are my favourite parts.”

Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin

the BENEFITS of speech & drama

Social Skills

and learning to listen and engage in a more positive way.

Self Confidence

Coming to class regularly and participating in theatre games, vocal exercises and improvisational work all help ease shyness and students find joy in expressing themselves and continue to gain confidence in a safe and supportive environment.

Communication Skills

Once a student has found their voice and a passion for communicating they can really hone these skills to communicate effectively using the skills they learn in class. We have lively discussions and debates and find common ground through our likes and dislikes.

Love of Literature Through Drama

Students explore poetry, drama and literature in a fun and interactive classroom environment. They help to lift the words from the page to the stage.


Bringing out our playful side to produce lots of laughter and fun.


Thinking outside the box and learning new ways to create and explore and understand.

Vocal Projection

as well as fluency and clarity.

Performance Skills
Team Skills

Thinking outside the box and learning new ways to create and explore and understand.

Expressing Emotions

through drama and improvisation in a safe and supportive class environment.

Social Skills

and learning to listen and engage in a more positive way.

Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin


Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin


Cat’s Academy of Speech and Drama grew from a belief that every young person should have the opportunity to learn through drama. As a child, I really looked forward to speech and drama classes and it was one of the highlights of my week and the benefits I gained from attending these classes I would like to share with young people today. I also know that many parents, who have also been lucky enough to have attended speech and drama classes, know that it is key to unlock an inner confidence that can help in all areas of life and therefore choose to send their own children to classes…