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Catherine Martin | Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin

Catherine Martin is a freelance speech and drama teacher and examiner who began attending speech and drama classes as a youngster completing all speech and drama grades with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. She went on to receive the Gold Acting medal from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts and continued her studies at Mountview Theatre School in London. On her return to Dublin she completed her Associate Diploma (Teachers) in Speech and Drama with the London College of Music under the tutelage of Betty Ann Norton after which she taught speech and drama for Betty Ann Norton in Rathmines.

Catherine has years of experience in the business world giving presentations and developing and growing new business but her real love was always in education and the arts and after working in the education sector she decided to combine her passion for drama with education and completed her Licentiate Diploma with the Irish Board of Speech and Drama. Cat’s Academy has gone from strength to strength and the recent restrictions have led to online classes.

What are my qualifications?
• BA (Hons) in Liberal Arts
• MA (Hons) in Modern Irish History.
• Associate Diploma Speech and Drama teaching) from London School of Music.
• Licentiate Diploma (Teaching), Irish Board of Speech and Drama.

Meghan Lynam graduated from American College Dublin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Musical Theatre. Meghan has been involved in performing arts from an early age and she has performed on the stage in Dublin’s oldest theatre Smock Alley. Students at Cat’s Academy have benefitted from Meghan’s drive and passion to teach and help our students gain confidence in their performance skills.


To use drama as a medium to educate and explore potential and give young people a voice whether that is for dramatic performances debating or presentations. That is confidence in communication. At Cat’s Academy we aim to foster a lifelong of literature and the performing arts as both creators and spectators.

If you have any questions about our classes, or would like to discuss your child’s individual requirements, please get in touch. We’d love to talk to you.

“Our Speech & Drama classes help children to learn social skills, as well as learning to listen and engage in a more positive way.”

Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin


We have a wide range of classes, programmes, and workshops for children of all ages, as well as one-on-one tuitition for adults. Our passion ensures that all particpants enjoy our sesssions thoroughly. Not only that, there are countless advantages which your child will benefit from by taking part in a speech and drama class.

Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin
Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin
Cat's Academy Speech & Drama Classes, Dublin